Saturday, August 18, 2007

i love surprises.

And I hope you do, too! I'll continue to do this every once in a while just to sHAke thINgs uP. Sometimes the treats will be fun, new *CM* scrapbooking supplies and sometimes they will be non-scrapbooking related (similar to the goodies shown here).

Just post a comment to this entry (even a simple "hi" will do) and your name will be entered into the drawing! One winner will be chosen to receive both gifts. If you do not live near me, I will ship them to you at my cost.

I'll leave the drawing open from now until Tuesday, August 21st. I hope to hear from you!


Amy said...

I almost bought those washclothes at Target today! You take the coolest pics-the simplest things look so neat. :)

Tina Vega said...

Funny!! I *LOVE* these washcloths and finally bought them for myself today. What's really sad though, is that I want to leave them in the cute little stack.

Kamy Carlson said...

Hey - I love your blog - I check in almost everyday. Great inspiration to see joy in even the little things. Thanks! Kamy