Monday, September 24, 2007

Double Digits

1. in play, 2. goofy close-up, 3. morning gift, 4. Entrepreneur, 5. a 9 year old w/glasses, 6. dig in!, 7. Go fly a kite!, 8. bat boy, 9. lita's house, 10. tough guy, 11. life's a beach, 12. meeley's find, 13. Meeley's tootsies, 14. meeley, 15. gold vs. red, 16. alien dudes

Can you believe it??? Meeley is 10 years old today! The hubby and I celebrated in our own way over the weekend, pouring over old video footage. There are so many sweet memories of him...
  • Sitting on the couch with a guitar draped across his lap, pretending to play along with the hubby's band on videotape;
  • Pulling himself up to the window ledge to hug Roxy, so gentle even at a year old;
  • Pretending to be injured so he could secure a Band-Aid;
  • Looking down at him with the camera and seeing those pudgy little hands reaching up towards me.

My only regret? That I would have made an effort to savor each second then, as I do now. It goes way too fast!


Amy said...

That is so funny-I posted a happy birthday post to Emilio on my blog with the exact same title! Spoooooky! :) Happy birthday to the big guy!

Tina Vega said...

They say that great minds think alike...

That's so funny!