Thursday, September 13, 2007

______________ was here.

Stop and take a look around. What do you see? A pair of shoes on the floor, smudges on the refrigerator, or toys in the middle of the living room floor? Perhaps instead you'll find a dozen catnip infused toys scattered about, your favorite pair of pants draped over a chair, or scrapbooking supplies consuming your dining room table.

These are the things of life. Reminders of the everyday. Details that go unnoticed or those we take for granted. Signs that you (and your loved ones) were here!

It is during times of upheaval that we most long for the way things used to be. Don't spend your present in the past, enjoy each and every moment while it is here! Savor the routine and ordinary things of life.

Journaling Ideas: Create a scrapbook page entitled "Signs of Me" or "I was here" (you can create this page about anyone you live with, just substitute their name for yours). Take pictures of everything that reminds you of that person, paying close attention to the details that surround you in a typical day. How do those things reflect your (or your loved one's) personality?

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Amy said...

Ooo-I really like this one! I will definitely be doing this.