Sunday, August 31, 2008

HE SAID/SHE SAID was the theme of today's sermon


And it was a good one, especially for us married folk. It was a great reminder of many things but most importantly, learning to work with our gender differences. (And boy, are there a lot of them!) Pastor Derek shared a great resource called, "Fight Like A Girl: The Power of Being a Woman" by Lisa Bevere. You can learn more about the book HERE. Pastor Derek's wife was reading it this summer when she was injured in a boating accident. He ended up reading the book to her while she was laid up and it made a powerful impression on him.

Too, the above movie clip is from Firepoof which is due out in theaters September 26th; you'll find details in a previous post by clicking HERE.

Now I have my own fire to tend to... a bonfire! Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

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Mellissa said...

I was at the 8:45 service and wow was that great! I learned a lot.