Saturday, August 23, 2008

how sad is it

When your undergarments cost more than the cute little dress covering them up? I discovered this horrifying fact while shopping for an outfit to wear to a friend's wedding. I guess that's what happens when you turn forty.

I've noticed a few other unpleasant changes as well. But that's another post.

While contemplating the whole hosiery vs. no hosiery dilemma, I stumbled across this very cool website. (Just click on the highlighted words to the left.) It's chock full of age-appropriate fashion advice. Too, if you haven't already, be sure to check out BigMama's Fashion Friday posts. Because they are good. Really good. And funny.

Because when you get to the age where your undergarments cost more than your outfit, you NEED funny.

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Anonymous said...

Tina, I'm already past the forties, and half way through my fifties! Perhaps there is a different website for me!


Tina Vega said...

Oh Gloria, the forties website even has a link for gals in their fifties!! It's on the left side of their web page and entitled "Well Past 50" - I've already checked that one out as well!!